Toeing the line.

Where is that magical divide that is the difference between "good things come to those who wait" and "get it before it's gone"? Could someone please tell me? Which is a more admirable quality: decisiveness or patience?


Unseen eye.

I love the idea of mysterious vacation photos from someone else's (talented) hands. How much fun would it be to explore someplace new (or old) through someone else's vision?
Camera from Athens from Up To You Toronto.
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So happy the worst of the heat has broken for today. Though I hear it will be back tomorrow, followed by more rain.


A little deflated.

The New York real estate market is a cutthroat business. We arrived at our appointment on Friday to find that an offer had already been accepted and the agent hadn't told us, today I got an email telling me the contract had been signed. We had already fallen a little bit in love, and are now a tiny bit heartbroken. Next time we'll take the emotions a little slower and make appointments a little quicker.


Today's the day.

Today's the day, today's the day, today's the day...

So excited about seeing this apartment I can hardly stand it. It feels like the beginning of a relationship, that part where you are almost crawling out of your skin with anticipation of the next time you'll meet. Our real estate rendezvous will be followed by dinner out in the neighborhood which should be pretty fantastic too.

Just have to contain myself for a few more hours.


Growing pains

We are trying to buy a house. Not a house really, an apartment. A tiny one.

I'm married, I live all the way across the country from my parents and have for 8 years, but it's this step that's starting to make me feel a bit like an adult. I think it would more so if we didn't need to ask our parents for help with our down payment, but it's New York, and we are not rich.

I'm almost afraid to write about our hunt here. There is a place that we've found. We've fallen in love with it on paper, poring over the photos from the Times. Over the weekend we snuck into the building; so easy when delivery men are being buzzed in right in front of you. We just wanted to take a quick look around, have a few quiet minutes to explore nooks and hallways and staircases without the looming presence of a real estate agent. On Friday we see the actual apartment. I am a little terrified of either outcome; a little worried about the sadness of finding that we don't like it as much in person and shaking slightly at the idea of loving it, signing a piece of paper that indebts us further and the idea that I may have to face the fact that I am a grown-up after all.

Wish us luck.