Nothing to see here.

There's been lots going on, but none of it very interesting to the outsider I'm afraid. We are closing on our very first home* in just under two weeks. I don't know when it will feel real and I will stop feeling a ittle bit protective and superstitious about it, maybe when I have the keys in my hand? Perhaps after we've moved in? When I write the first check for my mortgage payment?

So for the next two and a half weeks we will be in the process of moving -- cleaning out drawers and cabinets and nooks and crannies, (have I mentioned how much of a packrat I am? No? Well, it's bad...) sealing things up with boxes and tape, picking out shiny new things to go in ALL THE EXTRA SPACE**! But I won't post any pictures until it is really, truly ours, so until then, it may be a bit quiet around here. See you on the other side.

* We live in New York, so by "home" I mean apartment, but it is ours nonetheless.
**For the last 14 months the two of us have shared a 250 square foot studio. Our new apartment is a whopping 600 square feet spread out over TWO FLOORS! We may get lost! We may not know if the other is home! It will be enormous!



So I've been taking a little time off from writing, mostly to read other people's blogs. Their lovely words and gorgeous pictures occasionally make me wonder what I'm doing on this great wide web. I worry sometimes that between the full-time day job and the other "life" things that I'm not quite as prolific or witty as others. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things this weekend - to do a bit more around the house, gather some inspirations and take my camera out for a spin. I'll be working offline, but we'll call it a long weekend anyway.


Personal space.

In preparation for our move in six weeks (!!!) I have begun to make lists. Lists of things to do, things to keep, sell, make or buy. And having sorted out what will and won't work in our new home, I'm purging furnature via Craigslist. I find the whole process unsettling on a number of levels. It always seems like someone is getting scammed on one end or the other and the idea of inviting strangers into my apartment to assess my things makes me uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil as I don't see any other quick and dirty way to part with our (barely used! in like-new condition! lovely antique!) things for a few dollars.