I have a terrible cold. I have no motivation and no ideas. I'm just ready to hibernate until my immune system has kicked this thing.


Signed, sealed, delivered.

It's done. We've signed on the dotted line, and with a few more hoops to jump through in the next 6 weeks we'll be Brooklynites come the middle of November. I have already started to make my fantasy furniture list... now I just have to wrap my mind around the packing.


A chill in the air.

There is something about walking home from the subway at night when there is just a hint of a chill in the air that makes me a little hopeful.

I know that spring is supposed to be the season that evokes that emotion, what with having waited through the long, dark, cold winter to get to it, but it's the idea of cold noses and warm drinks and mittens and eskimo kisses that gets me excited.

Maybe it's because this year I have everything that I could have ever wished for in my dreams. Maybe it's because my favorite clothes are wool and leather and a mishmash of tweeds. Or maybe it's because I know there is something terribly exciting on the horizon.


Choices, choices.

I have been more than a little indecisive lately. My husband likes to say that I'm "periodically obsessive" meaning that I'll fixate on something for a period of time and then move on to another interest that I'll pursue just as voraciously. I think he's learned that if he ignores some of these things for long enough, they'll go away.

This cyclical focus also makes procrastination one of my killer traits. I can ignore something until the point where it is painful and embarrassing to address it and the excuses that I have to make are downright absurd.

I don't know the best way to address this problem as I don't know anyone else that avoids things in quite the extreme way that I do. Does anyone else do this, or am I just nuts?


New beginnings.

After one disappointment a better opportunity arose, and now we are deep in the heady mix of the real estate process -- filling out forms, making copies, sending off packets of the portions of our lives that exist on paper.

I find it a little thrilling, albeit exhausting. Mr. P finds it all a bit terrifying and overwhelming. We have so much on our plates now it's so easy to feel like we're drowning in responsibility and obligation. It will all be incredibly worth it when we come out the other side, with new qualifications, a new neighborhood and on the brighter end of this experience.