newish year.

I vehemently dislike New Year's resolutions and I firmly believe that most people have no intention of sticking to them even if they do make some annual edicts for themselves.

This year though, has been exceptionally hard. I'd like to think that I've learned an awful lot, and have come out the other side with some more concrete knowledge of myself, but at the very least I do have a list of things that I know could use some work.

1. money. I love stuff. The mister and I are on the low end of being reasonably well-paid, but after mortgage payments,
maintenance, bills and dog stuff, we don't have a ton of disposable income. So I'm going to work on only buying things that I need and/or love desperately. Also, I need to stop ordering in so damned often and cook the stuff sitting in my fridge.

2. write some stuff. I have been procrastinating lots over the last year - to the point of total embarrassment. I have put off my 50-page thesis for longer than is comfortable to say and need to finish that (not to mention that it's costing me money the longer I wait, see #1). Also, I have a blog, I guess I should actually, you know, update it?

3. remove foot from mouth. I am impulsive. I do things quickly and say things quickly and haven't always considered the implications (or all of the actual facts) beforehand. I think a lot angst could be saved by pausing for a moment for consideration before I open my fat gob.

I make no promises, but at least I'm trying.


  1. i like these! maybe "goals" is a better word. i prefer it over "resolutions."

  2. Sure, or I could just call them imperatives to negate back-asswardness at this point... but yes, the word "resolutions" is terrible.